the first installation of a four part concept regarding each season.


released February 26, 2011

all songs written by Taylor Holenbeck
drums played by David Thomas
tracks 2-5 recorded, mixed and produced by Joshua Browning at Hey! Bulldog Sound Labs joshuabrowning.com
track 1 recorded with Lucas Oswald
photos by Taylor Holenbeck




heartscape landbreak Durham, North Carolina

new music coming spring 2017

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Track Name: winter sun
stealing the sunshine will soon make it go away. I'm caught between the light and a winter landscape. my heart will explode today. if the map won't fold, just don't put it away

on the land my compass spins, a white out on the prairie. leaves me shivering, i feel in love with a scenery. and lost its trust just as easily. between the sun and moon there lies my winding tapes of memories.
Track Name: changing the weather
in the winter the wind blows
through my skin i get excited
but when the snows gone and its still cold
five shades of grey my blood slows

and on the prairie you can hear what we left
and i the same time roars all of those jets
leaving their trail across the blue sky
confusing what is beautiful and what our minds think
is keeping this world together
or maybe it is changing the weather
the great plains have become much smaller
or maybe it's that were leaving longer
Track Name: to disappear/to vanish
collecting fire for a lamp, for what is life without a light. watch it burn, bring back the heat. that we lost when the old world die.

how we know that there is not more to our design? for in my dreams i am a different person every single night.

all of minds have collided with the sound of a thousand ghosts. waiting for the right time to say good bye.
to a home, a time, a reason for being alive.
but this time death will not forget.

the lamp goes out we are set into the wild. and along with this i remember when i was a child.
desaparecer o desvanecerse
what is the difference.